The Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) combines the strengths of the four Australian Learned Academies: Australian Academy of Science, Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, Australian Academy of the Humanities and Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

By providing a forum that brings together great minds, broad perspectives and knowledge, ACOLA is the nexus for true interdisciplinary cooperation to develop integrated problem solving and cutting edge thinking on key issues for the benefit of Australia.

ACOLA receives Australian Government funding from the Australian Research Council and the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.

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Latest News

Chinese and Indian diasporic scholars in Australia - New Survey

21 July 2014

The working group for the Securing Australia's Future project Asia literacy – language and beyond are seeking to survey Chinese and Indian diasporic researchers and academics living in Australia. The survey is designed to increase the working group's understanding of the role that Chinese and Indian diasporic researchers and academics living in Australia play in the promotion of people-to-people links with researchers and communities in China and India, as well as elsewhere. It seeks information on the extent to which collaboration occurs with scholars in their home countries; the catalysts and rationales for such collaboration; topics or issues around which collaboration occurs; the actual modes of collaboration; the expected and actual outcomes of such collaboration; obstacles to collaboration; and what additional skills and processes might facilitate successful collaboration.

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ACOLA Bulletin 3: Translating research, improving returns on our investment

12 June 2014

The translation of research into economic outcomes is critical to building an advanced, innovative, and globally competitive economy. 

The Global Index of Innovation ranks Australia at just 19th overall. While Australia ranks well on some measures, there are some important categories in which we need to do better. Australia is ranked 46th in relation to knowledge and technology outputs, 63rd in knowledge diffusion, 60th high tech exports and 77th in communication and information services exports.

Collaboration between businesses and researchers, both domestically and internationally, is a key mechanism for the successful translation of research into economic outcomes. Very few Australian businesses engage in collaboration with researchers, whether in the higher education sector or government research institutions like the CSIRO. This is a significant barrier to research translation.

Download the full Bulletin (PDF) or read more.

ACOLA Bulletin 2: Australia needs to do more to compete in global innovation stakes

10 June 2014

Some areas of Australia’s innovation system are underperforming and require urgent attention if Australia is to avoid being left behind international competitors.

Australia has a strong research base, underpinned by world leading organisations such as the CSIRO and supported by strong national research infrastructure. We are ranked highly on scientific publications. The majority of our research workforce is employed in the higher education sector.

Download the full Bulletin (PDF) or read more.

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