The Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) combines the strengths of the four Australian Learned Academies: Australian Academy of Science, Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, Australian Academy of the Humanities and Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

By providing a forum that brings together great minds, broad perspectives and knowledge, ACOLA is the nexus for true interdisciplinary cooperation to develop integrated problem solving and cutting edge thinking on key issues for the benefit of Australia.

ACOLA receives Australian Government funding from the Australian Research Council and the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.

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Latest News

Mapping the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences in Australia

28 October 2014

Launched today with an address at the National Press Club, Mapping the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), completes the disciplinary picture which began with the launch of Health of Australian Science report by the Office of the Chief Scientist in 2012. 

Mapping HASS found that Australia has a strong and resilient  humanities, arts and social sciences sector that makes a major contribution to the national higher education system, to the national research and innovation system, and to preparing our citizens for participation in the workforce. For the nation to continue to benefit from the HASS  sector, it needs to consider how it might make more substantial commitments to its ongoing support.

The report was co-funded by the Australian Academy of the Humanities, the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, the Office of the Chief Scientist and the Department of Industry.

The full report is available on the Australian Academy of the Humanities website.

Media Release -ACOLA Responds to Innovation Agenda and Science Council

17 October 2014

ACOLA today has issued a media release welcoming the launch of the Australian Government’s new Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda including the Commonwealth Science Council.  ACOLA is pleased that findings from Securing Australia's Future reports are reflected in the Agenda. ACOLA is committed to continuing to bring the HASS and STEM disciplines together to provide evidence based findings on matters of national significance for the Science Council. Read the full media release here.

New Commonwealth Science Council Announced

14 October 2014

The Government today released its long awaited Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda. The Agenda is a central part of the Government’s Economic Action Strategy which aims at building a strong, prosperous economy for a safe, secure Australia. Lifting Australia's competitiveness through science is one of the themes of the statement and includes the establishment of the new Commonwealth Science Council which replaces the the Prime Ministers Science Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC).

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